Hello friend! My name is Joan.

It’s such a joy to meet you. Though I’m not exactly sure what brought you to this page, chances are that there’s work-related discontent brewing in your soul.

And gosh, you’re not alone.

Turns out, there’s a work crisis the world over.

Almost seventy percent of working people are disengaged or dissatisfied with work. That’s a whole lot of people feeling all kinds of unimportant. Feeling invisible and insignificant. Feeling unseen, unheard, and unacknowledged. Feeling like they’ve got nothing of any value to contribute. Wondering if they even matter.

But here’s the deal: you do matter, because you were created to make a difference. Work was never meant to be a curse; it was meant to be a blessing. God’s plan was that we’d not just survive, but that we’d thrive.

Work was meant to bring great joy!

But a whole lot of people don’t know that.

That’s why I’m a work purpose coach, speaker, and author. I help people turn job hours into joy hours so they can impact the lives of others while flourishing through the work of their hands.

A Little Bit More About Joan

I am an encourager with a capital E, and teaching is my thing! I am a John Maxwell-certified leadership and work purpose coach, trainer, and speaker. I’m a certified Deeper Path coach, too!

I love helping people push through their pain into their true potential. I’ve been coaching for years, because that’s my true calling. Along the way, I’ve also been a Lead Copy Writer, a Strategic Communications Event Director, a Director of Community Relations and a Director of Operations.

I love communicating and teaching because I think people are the most precious gift on the planet, and they are worth every ounce of energy spent developing their potential.