Keynote Speaking

When I was little, my poor momma would always get notes from my teachers saying, Lord, this child loves to talk! It was true then, and it’s true now—I love speaking!

Not only do I love words, I love people. Put the two together, and I’m almost giddy with joy! To impart hope, ignite souls, and inspire belief in their God-given abilities—that is where great things begin to happen.

People want to do great work. People want to make a difference. People want to be seen, to be heard. They want to know they matter, and that their work matters. This is the drum that I beat: work is a glorious platform for doing our greatest good. A little bit of heart-driven leadership in the workplace could set the world on fire.

And I’ve got a decade (and then some) of leading and loving teams of talented individuals—top producers in their field. Leading my teams to the top of their game has been the joy of my life. It would be an honor to speak at your workplace, your non-profit, your women’s group—anywhere people come together to create, collaborate, and contribute. I would love to share the message of turning job hours into joy hours with the people you love and lead.

I offer keynote speaking on the following topics:

  • The Not Enoughs Must Die – Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • God Loves Work – A Biblical View of Work
  • Turn Job Hours into Joy Hours – Become an On-The-Job Difference-Maker
  • War in the Workplace – See Every Challenge Through the Lens of Faith
  • Transform Your Workplace – Bring Out the Best & Build A Culture of Trust
  • No Separation Between the Sacred & Secular – Compassion in The Workplace
  • Engage Your People & Grow Your Business – Leadership Beyond the Nine-to-Five